Google Maps Reveal Future
Written by Erik Neff   
Sunday, 22 May 2005
ImageBy bringing together advancements in wireless networking, consumer battery life, voice recognition software, and computer network architecture, Google could revolutionize modern computing - and it's all hidden in satellite images.

By now, almost everyone this side of Mars has visited Google Maps and clicked on Google's newest feature, "Satellite", to see a breathtakingly high res image of earth that is transparently scrollable and zoomable in all its glory. Most people's immediate reaction to this was to zero in on their own house or a friend's house, fascinated by the ability to see a swimming pool, or perhaps cars in a driveway. However, much lies beneath the surface of these images...
Grocery Delivery Deathmatch
Written by Erik Neff   
Saturday, 12 March 2005

Grocery Gateway Logo VS No Frills Logo VS Price Chopper Logo VS Loblaws Logo


Hello there.  I'm Erik, and like many people across Ontario, well, North America really, I think grocery shopping is a waste of time.  Recently I was preparing for my bi-monthly (or is it bi-weekly, I can never remember) trip to the grocery store when my girlfriend mentioned she had heard about a company called who was offering to deliver your groceries to your door for about the price and with about the same variety of products as you might find in a real grocery store.  This idea is nothing new, but likely due to a rocky beginning with a lot of companies going under shortly after starting, I just hadn't considered it ... until now.  "But" I thought, "where's the catch?"  Well, the first step to answering that question was quite obvious - to make an account at, and fill my virtual cart up so I could compare it with the receipts from past excursions to No Frills, Price Chopper, and Loblaws.  The prices could be directly compared, and a decision could be made as to just how much this Grocery Gateway company plans to rip off people for being busy or lazy, or both.  A side benefit was that I could finally know once and for all exactly how much Loblaws has been ripping off people just to be around uh, well, you know, those people who shop at Loblaws because their social status depends on it.  There, I said it...

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