Which Office Suite Should I Use?
Written by Erik Neff   
Saturday, 23 September 2006
About two weeks ago, while I was on my honeymoon, my sister sent me an e-mail asking where she could buy a copy of Microsoft Office.  When I got back, I tried to answer the question as succinctly as possible, but knowing that she was probably going to be using it for her growing corporate wellness business, I just couldn't give the simple "buy it from store X".  She had ignored the more important fundamental question, "Which Office Suite Should I Use?" 

The Need:
To create Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations to accomplish various business and personal tasks.
Functionality, Compatibility, Legality, and Cost
OpenOffice (Free), Microsoft Office ($100/pc on ebay, or $275/pc retail), and Google Office (Free, but NOTE: Google Office is not a term Google uses.  Its free online e-mail, calendar, spreadsheet, and page creator services are available, but its online collaborative word processor Writely isn't perfected yet, and no online collaborative presentation creation service exists, yet]).

Steve Job's WWDC Keynote Address
Written by Erik Neff   
Tuesday, 08 August 2006
Yesterday, Steve Jobs gave a very fascinating 90-minute keynote address at the WWDC, which detailed a barrage of new technologies Apple has been working on.
The End (Windows) Is The Beginning (Mac)
Written by Erik Neff   
Thursday, 03 August 2006
If you've seen the new mac Ads on television lately, you may have been caught off-guard by one particular Ad's claims.  They can also be viewed at apple.com, and in one particular Ad, the internet version ended with this:
Syncing your Palm Desktop Calendar With Google Calendar
Written by Erik Neff   
Tuesday, 16 May 2006
More specifically, converting a *.dba file to a *.csv file.

Introduction: As of the date of this article, Google has no facility for importing Palm Desktop calendars.  Google only supports CSV files for importing of calendars.  This has been a source of extreme frustration for me.  I searched everywhere for a direct conversion tool to convert my Palm Desktop Calendar (*.dba file format) to the apparently industry-standard CSV format... 
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