Syncing your Palm Desktop Calendar With Google Calendar
Written by Erik Neff   
Tuesday, 16 May 2006
More specifically, converting a *.dba file to a *.csv file.

Introduction: As of the date of this article, Google has no facility for importing Palm Desktop calendars.  Google only supports CSV files for importing of calendars.  This has been a source of extreme frustration for me.  I searched everywhere for a direct conversion tool to convert my Palm Desktop Calendar (*.dba file format) to the apparently industry-standard CSV format... 
(*.csv file format), but I simply could not find anything that worked.  Yahoo! Calendars has a dba file import facility, but as nearly as I can tell, this has never worked for anyone, outputting a Code 0 error.  Attempts to contact Yahoo! tech support have yielded no solutions.  Google has not yet implemented a dba file import facility (damn you!!).  Finally, I discovered a way to convert from dba to csv.  I am putting off going to bed so that I can share it with the world.  Note that I have no add banners anywhere on this site.  That's right - I'm doing this purely for the benefit of the online world.  Anyways, that all being said, this solution is just as far elegant, and not entirely comprehensive, but it should be enough information to help pretty much everyone who has managed to find this page.  Besides, beggars can't be choosers, right?

Requirements:  What you need for this to work is Windows (death to microsoft), an internet connection (how are you reading this if you don't have one?!), a working installation of Palm Desktop, and a working installation of Microsoft Outlook.

ProceedureSo, without further ado, here's how I figured out how to export my Palm Desktop Calendar to Google Calendar.

Step 1: Free Account >> Create a free account with
Step 2: Palm Desktop Sync >> Follow their instructions to synchronize your PC with the airset online calendar (this involves downloading and installing airset's relatively non-invasive synchronization software).  Specifically, this step involves syncing your Palm Desktop software with their calendar servers using the airset syncing software you had to download, install, and configure on your pc.
Step 3:  Verify AirSet Calendar >> Once you've synced your Palm Desktop using the airset syncing software, go to the airset website, login, and check to verify that the airset calendar has all the expected events and appointments that your Palm Desktop software has.  If it didn't work, try again, or have a look in the very comprehensive AirSet help area.  If all is well, then proceed to step 4. 
Step 4
:  Change Sync Settings >> Without closing the AirSet syncing software, go into settings and change the program they are going to sync with - set it to sync with Microsoft Outlook.
Step 5:  Outlook Sync >> Use the AirSet syncing software to sync your online calendar that now holds all the contents of your Palm Desktop Calendar, with your Outlook Calendar.
Step 6:  Verify Outlook Calendar >> Once you've synced your AirSet Calendar to Outlook, have a look to verify that all the appointments you had in your Palm Desktop software appear correctly in your Outlook Calendar.  If it didn't, once again, try again or have a look in the AirSet help, and if all is well, proceed to step 7.
Step 7:  Export Outlook Calendar >> Export your calendar to CSV for Windows format.
Step 8:  Google Calendar Import >>  Go to, go to settings, and go to import.  Import the CSV file you exported from Outlook.  Whammo - All your Palm Desktop appointments are now in Google Calendar.

Really begs the question why Google can't just implement a dba file import function doesn't it?

Oh well, hope this helps.

- Erik Neff
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 17 May 2006 )
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