The End (Windows) Is The Beginning (Mac)
Written by Erik Neff   
Thursday, 03 August 2006
If you've seen the new mac Ads on television lately, you may have been caught off-guard by one particular Ad's claims.  They can also be viewed at, and in one particular Ad, the internet version ended with this:

If you clicked that link, you would have seen a web page discussing the fact that all new Intel-based Macs are able to "dual-boot", meaning they have the option to start up in Windows XP, or normally in Mac OS X.  An intriguing ability indeed, but a third option takes the cake, to run Windows XP in a window while in Mac OS X so you don't have to reboot your computer, or even stop what you're doing in order to use that special app that only runs in windows.

On a different note, Intel just released a new processor that Apple just announced it was going to start offering, and to put it bluntly, it's the best processor the consumer computer market has ever seen.  This processor, called the Intel Core 2 Duo, is the best-performing cpu by any manufacturer to date, but also sports lower power consumption while giving off less heat, and best of all, it's cheaper than it's predecessor!  That's definitely worth waiting for, but that's not the only thing coming down the pipes from Apple.  There is also a forthcoming major OS update of Mac OS X (Tiger), called OS 10.5 (Leopard).  It is expected to do a much better job utilizing the Core 2 Duo's multiple processing cores, as well as several other important additions to its core functionality.  Thus, these three fact combine to make one heck of a compelling reason to get a Mac, regardless of the model.  More details regarding the Core 2 Duos, and OS Leopard are expected to be announced August 7th at the WWDC, San Francisco.

So, technologically speaking, it's looking like Mac's are making an extremely compelling bid for people to switch in masses, but there's really no surprise there.  Mac's have always been a better product than a comparative PC, ignoring price that is.  Lately however, the prices of macs have been falling like stones, thanks in no small part to the lower cost of Intel-based hardware, as well as several other factors.  Thus, an entry level Mac is no longer out of reach for the average joe.  But, it seems like there's still something missing...

There it is - the gaming industry.  Windows has dominated the personal computer gaming market ever since its inception and subsequently monopolization of such games as Solitaire, Freecell, and Mine Sweepers.  However, according to the article above, Windows' rein is nearly a close.  The proof will be "in the pudding", so to speak, regarding whether windows games really do function on Mac OS X with little to no modification and zero performance degradation.  At first, it was hard to imagine a PC game, which utilizes a plethora of internal components like a network adapter and gaming controllers, being able to run properly in OSX with hardly any modification.  If you think about it though, most, if not all of PC hardware are basically commodities that are used identically regardless of what operating system you use, so presumably the fundamental architecture underlying the game would adhere perfectly regardless of where it was being played, so maybe this idea really could work.  Also, apparently the company who made "Cider", the Mac gaming engine, says that if a game works in "Cider", it will automatically also work in "Cedega", the Linux gaming engine.  Thus, PC games could run on ANY Intel-based computer, regardless of the operating system it's running, which would pretty much blow the doors clean off Windows' dominance of the gaming market.

In conclusion, there are more compelling reason than ever for the masses to get a Mac, thus illustrating how the end is truly the beginning.  In this case however, the end is for Windows, and the beginning is for Mac...

Erik Neff
Last Updated ( Thursday, 10 August 2006 )
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